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Mereen-Johnson 424-DC "Select-A-Rip" Straight Line Multiple Rip Saw

Item #: 424-DC
Brand: Mereen-Johnson
Model: 424-DC
Year Mfg:

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Most durable saw in it’s class! 
Highest resale value in it’s class.
Direct drive arbor runs smoother. 
Less saw blade wear. 
Glue line cut quality lasts longer.
Reduced maintenance. 
Efficient horsepower to saw blades.
No coupling alignment issues. 
Smaller footprint..
Width capacities to meet requirements. 424-DC – 24” width capacity.
Hold Down Options
High yield pressure head for handling thickness variations due to unsurfaced, cupped, and twisted lumber.
Split pressure head for running two lanes of product simultaneously.
CamLock option (patent pending)
Sleeve mounted CamLock collars reduce size change set-up time.
Swing-Arm and Tip-Up Cart. Optional on 424-DC. Standard on 431-DC & 440-DC. Safer change-overs as sleeve/saws do not need to be lifted or
carried. Proper, vertical orientation of sleeve for saw blade set-ups. SAFETY Arbor door lock integrated to spinning arbor.
Arbor brake
Mereen-Johnson manufactured parts have the part number stamped or engraved on them.
Unsurpassed parts and service support. Most installations in North America.