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Mobil 2500

Item #: MOBIL 2500
Brand: Hoffmann
Model: Mobil 2500
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $17,570.00

Our Price: $17,570.00


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Mobil 2500 Solid Wood Edge-banding Press.
230 Volts, Single Phase, 1.5 kw,
90 psi-6 bar compressed air.  Max edge-band size 98"L  x 4"W  x 2" thickness.
1x pre-heater and 1x main element.  Four (two pairs) Clamp Cylinders.  Two individual clamp controls.  Adjustable Miter Stop included.

  As a fabricator, your work is your reputation. Adhering standard industry sheeting: plywood, particleboard or MDF to solid wood edging as fast as possible, while maintaining the quality that grew you business is not an option; it is a must. You should consider the Mobil 3500 or 3000 edge-banding press from Hoffman.

Are you looking for long-term productivity? 
The solid welded steel frame and clamping stations resting on ball bearings will give you the precision and productivity you seek. 

The Mobil 2500 has two heating elements (MOBIL 2500) and two pneumatic clamping stations. The Mobile 3000 three clamping stations along with the two heating elements.  

Each station has:
      2 horizontal clamping cylinders to secure the panels 
      2 vertical cylinders(short stroke), to adhere the panel to edge-banding.
In combination with heating standard white or yellow PVA glue is used, without splines, special adhesives, to fasten solid wood edges up to a maximum 2" thick and  4" tall.  

In approximately 1 minute the glue bonds strong enough to remove the panel from the press area. Using thinner material will take less time. 

2 and 3  station models are available to allow continuous operation.
The adjustable steel edge assures parallel edge alignment of your material. 

The adjustable stop allows for accurate positioning of square and miter joint edges. 

For handling of large panels (horizontal operations), the tilting frame provides the possibility of increased productivity by the operator.