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Nederman Auto M-Z Filter

Item #: Auto M
Brand: Nederman
Model: Auto M
Year Mfg:

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Nederman Auto M-Z Filter


The Auto M-Z series is a robust, free standing filter range with an automatic shaker cleaning system.
It is the latest model based upon over thirty years of continuous production experience. It is designed
for intermittent use, where the filter can stop occasionally for cleaning off line.


  • All access for maintenance from the front of the unit

  • Dust bin with quick release mechanism

  • Compressed air not required

  • ATEX certified for explosion dusts in categories St1, St2 and St3

  • Efficient, automatic, electric motor driven shaker mechanism

  • Neat appearance suitable for commercial and educational applications

  • Weather proof for location anywhere

Technical Parameters

  • Maximum working temperature 80ºC

  • Maximum negative pressure 4000 Pa

  • Maximum positive pressure 1500 Pa

  • Filter areas from 7.5 to 90 m²

  • Wide range of filter materials to suit most applications

  • Integral, high eifficiency fan range from 0.75 kW to 15 kW

  • Versatile inlet connections including QF-type ducting

  • All electrical connections pre-wired to terminal box on unit


  • Bin balance kit available to enable plastic bin-liners to be used

  • Pre-separation section for bulky or fibrous dusts

  • Sack tipping unit with hinged door at front

  • Spark trap on inlet

  • Open base venting unit with or without fan assistance

  • Built in secondary filters typically F7 or H14


  • Air silencers with top or side discharge

  • Weather cowl for silencer

  • Fan-shaker controllers

  • Explosion panel alarm switch

  • Differential pressure switch or indicator

How It Works

During normal operation:

  1. During normal operation, the dust laden air from the plant travels down the extract duct.

  2. A standard baffle is mounted at the inlet of the filter to break up the air flow and direct the dust downward into the hopper section while protecting the filter media from abrasive dusts.

  3. The lighter dust collects on the inside of the filter bag as clean air passes through. Finally, the clean air travels up through the air handling fan where it could be returned to the plant or exhausted outdoors.

  4. The heavier dust settles in the hopper section where it is discharged into a metal bin.

While Cleaning:

  1. Each time the filter unit is turned off, there is a 2 minute delay and then the automatic timer activates the shaking motor.

    NOTE: The cleaning cycle is set to 8 seconds.

  2. The shaft of the shaker motor is attached to a simple cam which, in turn is attached to the shaking mechanism. The shaking mechanism pivots vigorously which causes the dust to break free from the inside of the filter bag.

  3. The dust then falls into the quick-release metal collection bin located at the bottom of the filter unit.