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Nederman FMC200 Revese Pulse Jet Filter Dust Collector

Item #: FMC200-2L
Brand: Nederman
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $6,365.00

Our Price: $6,365.00


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Nederman FMC200 Reverse Pulse Jet Filter Dust Collector


  • Bench Grinding

  • Cutting

  • Bagging Operations

  • Welding

  • Conveyors

  • Mixing

  • Laser Cutting


  • Vertical cartridge configuration to avoid build- up of dust on cartridge

  • Easy removal of cartridges through use of unique guide rails

  • Compressed air cleaning

  • Various filtration medias available

  • Galvanized construction for indoor or out door placement

  • Integral or remote mounted fans available

How It Works

During normal operation:

  1. During normal operation, the dust laden air from the plant travels down the supply duct.

  2. A standard baffle is mounted at the inlet of the filter to break up the air flow and direct the dust downward into the hopper section while protecting the filter cartridges from abrasive dusts.

  3. The lighter dust collects on the outside of the filter cartridges as clean air passes through to the inside of each cartridge. Finally, the clean air travels through the air handling fan where it could be returned to the plant or exhausted outdoors.

  4. The heavier dust settles in the hopper section where it can be discharged into a metal bin or through a rotary air lock.

While Cleaning:

  1. The FMC utilizes a Delta-P gauge to control the compressed air cleaning. In essence, the filter cleans itself when it needs to!

  2. A compressed air line must be connected to one end of the compressed air manifold.

  3. A solenoid valve opens to allow compressed air from the compressed air manifold into the jet tubes. The jet tubes are aligned above EACH cartridge.

  4. Our patented Uniclean sleeve contains the blast of compressed air at the top of each cleaning from the top of the cartridge to the bottom.

  5. The downward blast blows the dust off the filter cartridge (from the inside out) where it settles into the hopper section to be collected in the metal bin or discharged through a rotary air lock.