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OMGA Double Mitre Saw TR 2A VIS 230V 3PH

Item #: 900901000000-230-3ph
Brand: OMGA
Model: TR 2 A VIS
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $40,758.00

Our Price: $40,758.00


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OMGA Double Mitre Saw TR 2A VIS 230V 3PH

With features such as pneumatic clamps and heads with positive stops, the OMGA Double Mitre Saw TR 2A VIS won't be a bad investment for your shop. This double mitre saw is ideal for mitering demands because of its reliable capabilities. Two mitre heads with positive stops are equipped for precise and accurate control. In fact, this OMGA equipment includes an electro-pneumatic system which enables you to set the right cycle for your mitering application. You can choose the simultaneous cycling, alternate cycle or the single head cycling. No matter which cycle your prefer, the pneumatic system guarantees quality results. When mitering large work pieces, you can use the two clamps for maximum stability. This TR 2A model is powered by 3HP motor 3 phase and 230 voltage.
Max. distance between saws 9' 2"
Min. distance between saws8 1/2"
Min. distance between saws 45 Deg. 1 3/16" (+ optional)
Cross cut capacity 90 Deg.5 1/2"
Cross cut capacity 45 Deg.4 5/16"
Max. Depth of Cut3 1/2"
Motor Power HP2 x 3 HP
Saw Bore1"
Saw Diameter12"
Arbor Speed RPM3200
Dust Chute3 1/8"
Crated Dimensions150" X 39" X 44"
Approx. Shipping Weight Lbs.1,250