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Omec ICM300 Manual Gluing Machine

Item #: ICM300
Brand: Omec
Model: ICM300
Year Mfg:

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Omec ICM300 Manual Gluing Machine for Drawers.

The OMEC ICM300 manual gluing machine was designed to glue different types of drawers featuring dovetails, parallel joints and lock pins. This machine can glue drawers having any type of joint pitch, with no need for customized parts or nozzles, and there is no need for adjustments when the width of drawers is modified. The machine also comes with a special system for adjusting glue   quantity.  Thanks to the special configuration of the spray nozzle, it is possible to clean it at the end of the operating cycle. Machine control is performed by an on-board control panel.

Technical Characteristics
On-board machine installed power 0.25 Kw
Working pressure 0.7 MPascal
Glue type: vinyl glue 8000 mPa.s
Glue tank’s capacity 16 lt
Machine weight 94 kg
Packed machine weight 130 kg
Overall dimensions 100x40x105 cm (length x width x height) cm
Packing dimensions 110x70x135 cm

Dimensional Limits of Workpieces

Length: 5.90 in (150 mm)
Width: 1.96 in (50 mm)
Thickness: .19 (5 mm)
Depth: 0 in (0 mm)

Length: 59.05 in (1500 mm)
Width: 17.71 in (450 mm)
Thickness: 1.57 (40 mm)
Depth: 1.57 in (40 mm)