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Omec SCM1200 Hydraulic Drawer Clamp System

Item #: SCM1200
Brand: Omec
Model: SCM1200
Year Mfg:

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Omec SCM1200 Hydraulic Drawer Clamp System.
The OMEC SCM1200 manual press has been designed to assemble drawers with five separate elements, with dovetail joints or pegs. The operator adjusts the size of the drawer, by hand. The machine has a hydraulic power plant, which drives a cylinder to press and square up the parts of the drawer previously inserted in the relevant supports. This machine is fitted with a vacuum system allowing to keep the drawer’s bottom in position. The machine is controlled by a lever valve and a thermal-magnetic switch on board the machine.

Technical Charateristics
Power installed on the machine: 0.37 Kw 
Working pressure: 0.7 MPascal
Drawer production: 60 n/h
Mass of the machine: 380 kg
Mass of the packed machine: 480 kg
Overall dimensions: 80x190x150 cm (length x width x h)
Dimensions of the packaging: 97x204x171 cm

Dimensional Limits of Workpieces
Width: 9.84 in (250 mm)
Length: 9.44 in (250 mm)
Height: 2.36 in (60 mm)
Front projection 0 in (0 mm)

Width: 47.24 in (1200 mm)
Length: 23.62 in (600 mm)
Height: 10.23 in (260 mm)
Front projection: 1.18 in (30 mm)