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Omnitech SELEXX CHIEF 5’ x 12’ CNC Router

Brand: Omnitech
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The Selexx Series from Omnitech Systems is their main line “Light Industrial” CNC routers. The Selexx Series is distinguished in the CNC manufacturing marketplace by exceptional weight, speed and a configuration designed to meet the needs of multiple manufacturing environments. The Chief (5’x12’) offers nested panel processing at a competitive price to meet the needs of every shop. With their 10HP air‐cooled ceramic bearing, HSK 63F spindle, a 2HP 5x5x32mm drill block and positioning speeds up to 3,460 in/min, the Selexx Chief can process up to 50 sheets of nested cabinet parts a day with our table vacuum/parts pusher. The Selexx Chief comes with a 250 m3/h Becker vacuum pump as standard and prewired for a second pump.
Y-Axis Stroke152.75"
X-Axis Stroke72.25"
Z-Axis Stroke9.84"
Table SizeX:61.0" Y: 147.65" Z: 9.84"
Reference (positioning) stops6
X-Axis feed speed2362 in/min
Y-Axis feed speed3150 in/min
Z-Axis feed speed1181 in/min
Router SpindleNo. of Spindles: 1 Tool Holder Shank HSK63F, Air cooled Number of Toold 10 Speed 21000 Rpm
ATC automatic tool changer8-tool PMM carosel (10 tools optional) Max Size of tool: 110 mm
Boring Block2 HP 9 vertical spindles independent vertical spindles on X: 5 independent vertical spindles on Y: 5 32 mm drilling step 4800 RPM fix
Tool Dia For Router Bit (O.D.) Max. Ø 25 mm (Ø 0.984 inch)
ShankFor boring: Ø 10 mm (Ø 0.394 inch)
Vacuum pump2x 10 HP Becker pump 250 cbm/hr
Air Pressure6 KG/cm2 (85 lb/in2)
Controller and software interfaceAnderson + FANUC w/IPC (win7) front end GUI included as a standard feature (CamPro DNC)
DimensionsFloor Area: 26.24 x 14.76 ft Height: 8.038 ft
Weight11023 Lbs
Lubricationautomatic and manual
Air Consumption450 L/min (15.9 cfm)
Suction Capacity for Main Spindle2965 M3/HR (1745 cfm)

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