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PMK SYSTEMS C-1203 Coping & End Matching Machine

Item #: C-1203
Brand: PMK
Model: C-1203
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $23,990.00

Our Price: $23,990.00


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Chip free coping or end-matching of squares or profiled parts without the need of a back-up piece
Two counter rotating spindles
Spindle Diameters: 1-1/4"
Spindle Speeds: 7,000 RPM
Main Motor: 7-1/2 HP
Maximum Cutter Diameter: 5" OD
Minimum Cutter Diameter: 3-1/2" OD
Maximum Part Size: 2" Thick x 9-1/2" Wide
Minimum Length of Part: 3"
Maximum Depth of Cut: 3/4"
Minimum part width is determined by the O.D. of the cutter and if the part is profiled or not
Unlimited Part Length
External flow valve allows you to adjust the speed of the sliding table according to the thickness, width & density of the part
New Safety lenses in top of hood to check rotation of spindle
New up-graded PLC Controller
Cycle time adjustable from 4 to 10 seconds
The C-1203 has the capacity to stack tooling
Maximum two cutters per spindle
Dust Hood with 5" port
Dust Collection Requirement: 1,000 CFM
Precision THK rails for guidance of carriage stroke and hold down clamp
Side pressure clamp insures proper alignment with fence
The C-1203 meets UL & CSA Electrical Standards
Tooling is Sold Separately

10 HP motor $1,995.00
Micro adjustable back fence $1,600.00
Additional tool holders / milling arbors (each) $595.00
Single phase 220 V, 5 HP motor $1,495.00

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