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Paul K34V1000 Multi Blade Edge

Item #: K34V1000
Brand: Paul
Model: K34V/1000
Year Mfg:

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Paul K34V1000 Multi Blade Edge

  • Is a circular rip saw with movable saw bushes, designed to rip hard and soft wood up to 940mm wide.

  • Classic multirip saw and circular edger in one machine.

  • Has four independently movable saw bushes those can provide optimum ripping pattern for every workpiece.

  • Various options available to control saw bushes up to four.

  • In the simple operator, moves saw bushes with the help of electronic lever switch to produce random widths.

  • Convenient NCB-2 uses to control one or two saw bushes, can store up to 10 rip lists, each with up to 20 fixed widths selects by pressing a key.

  • To control more than two can use CNC ripping pattern with color monitor.
Opening Width 940 mm
Maximum Cutting Height105 mm
Maximum Saw Blade340 mm
Saw Shaft60 mm (herd-chrome plated)
Saw Shaft Speed (Standard)3300 RPM
Number of Powered Top Rollers Hydr. Adjustable in Height6
Number of Power Bottom Rollers6
Width of Top Rollers914 mm
Width of Bottom Rollers988 mm
Feed Speed Hydr. Infinitely Variable2 - 50 (On request up to 80) M/Min
Minimum Workpiece Length600 MM (Approx.)
Driving Power Max. 55 KW (75 KW)
Available DesignsRight-Hand & Left-Hand
Lenght / Height1,812 mm / 1,420 mm (Approx.)
Width2,050 mm (Approx.)
Weight (without motor)3,000kg (Approx.)