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Marinus Powermax 300 HD End Matcher

Item #: Powermax 300 HD
Brand: Marinus
Model: 300 HD
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $226,000.00

Our Price: $226,000.00


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Marinus Powermax 300 HD End Matcher.

Features & Specifications:
• Heavy and Very Stable Construction
• Machine Dimensions = = 110”L x 67”W x 79”H (2800 x 1700 x 2000 mm).
• Cutterhead Carriage and Clamp System utilizes HD Lineal Bearings – grease lubricated
• Heavy Duty – low maintenance Feed Chains Into machine and takeaway of material after cutting/ end matching
• Continuous High Speed Feeding System with accurate positioning utilizing HD Servo Drives.
• 2 Servomotors for maximum Feed Control and Acceleration and Deceleration Control
• Servo Driven Feed Motor & Gearbox for Highest Efficiency speed feeding and control of the cutterhead carriage includes Independent Stepless Speed Control Forward & Reverse.
• Pneumatic Side Pushers (holding material firmly against fence) for guaranteed square
angle cut.
• 2 Cut-off Sawing Servo Motors - 5HP each (3,0 kW) – 450mm (17.7”) dia. blades with Inverters (VFD’s) for Varying Blade Speed
• 2 High Speed Milling Head Servo Motors with Inverter (VFD) (12HP - 7,5 kW each) with Speeds to 12,000 rpm - 5” (125mm) dia.
• Adjustable Cutterhead Stroke based on Material Width to increase throughput speed based on width of material input
• 1 Luminescence-Sensor Camera for defect crayon mark
• Inductive-Sensors – for detecting the position of the carriage and the others for detecting the positions of the saw blades
• Cutoff Waste Powered Belt Conveyor in machine(below feed system- 12” from floor) with drive motor for waste cutoff pieces taken to the outfeed end of the machine ,
-to work in conjunction if desired with 2nd waste Powered Takeaway Conveyor to put waste pieces in a dump box or waste reducer or hog or?
• Machine completely enclosed by safety-doors.
• Machine is produced to CE Safety and Electrical Standards to UL/CSA Standards
• Lenze PLC Control
• Operation from Operator’s Control with Touch Screen Control – mounted on the Front Right Cover of the Machine
• Air Pressure Required – 85 PSI (6 Bar)
• 1x 8” (200mm) & 2x 4.75”(120mm) Dia Dust Outlets with approx.. 5,000 to 5,500 fpm and from 3050 to 3350 CFM
• Router Remote Access – with an internet connection, factory can monitor the performance of your machine. Also allows for easy access for service and software updates and downloads.

Input & Output Material Specifications
Board Widths - 2.4”(60mm) Min. to 12.28”(312mm) Max. - to 1.75”(44.5mm) Min. Width
on request
– Available to handle up to 15.75” (400mm). Powermax 400
Board Input Lengths – 17.9” (450mm) Min. to 20 ft.(6000mm) Max.(longer on request)
Board Output Lengths - 15.9” (400mm) Min.
– Available Short Piece Option can be added to reduce output length to 10” (250mm) Min.
Board Thickness – .4” (10mm) Min. - (to .315” (8mm) on request) (to 1.77” (45mm)

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