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Autoquip - Quad - Super Titan

Item #: Super-Titan Quad
Brand: Autoquip
Model: Super Titan Quad
Year Mfg:

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The Super Titan Quad family touts the heaviest lifting capabilities of all Autoquip products. With Autoquip's Super Titan at its core, the Super Titan Quad lifts give you nearly four times the platform size and lifting capacity. It begins by fusing 4 four heavy-duty Super Titan scissor lifts end-to-end and side-to-side to form one Super Titan Quad lift.

Engineered for high efficiency, the Super Titan Quad lift provides  the lowest possible collapsed height and unmatched strength. These scissor lifts also safely control oversized loads while maintaining minimal platform deflection. And, lifetime lubricated bearings and direct-thrust lifting cylinders provide long-lasting solutions for the heaviest in-plant lifting problems.

The Super Titan Quad family of lifts is proudly built in the USA and used for handling the largest and heaviest loads. Applications include managing paper coils or heavy steel, moving dies or sheet metal stampings, and work positioning tasks. Vertical travel ranges from 24 to 120 inches while capacity reaches a staggering 135,000 pounds.

Our remarkable array of standard sizes, and our ability to custom engineer a solution to virutally any problem, means the Super Titan Quad Heavy Duty Scissor Lift is easily designed to meet each customer's unique performance needs.

Features and Benefits

Durability and Quality

  • Joints, the most critical wear points in the lift, feature chrome-plated, 100,000 psi, ultimate-strength pins for premium load strength and long life.
  • Solid steel legs and added stiffeners provide overall stability and straight, repeatable roller tracking as the lift raises and lowers.
  • Thick steel reinforced platform minimizes deck deflection, maximizes load stability, and adds extends life of the platform deck.

Maintenance and Warranty

  • Autoquip offers an industry-best 2 year warranty on all parts as a promise that you've purchased the industry's most reliable scissor lift.
  • On-board maintenance devices enable maintenance crews to safely and effectively block open the scissors during inspection and routine maintenance.
  • Maintenance-free bearings at pivot points require no lubrication.
  • Efficient and highly serviceable hydraulic power unit.
  • Double wire braided Parker hydraulic hoses resist wear, abrasion, and leaks.
  • High-strength steel rollers are easily replaced, minimizing downtime.


  • Standard controls are prewired and internal power unit is onboard. Installation simply includes lagging the unit to the ground and connecting to electricity.
  • Exceptionally low lowered height allows greater on and off load flexibility and increases total ergonomic range


  • Minimum 3:1 structural factor of safety makes these lifts the most structurally sound lift in the industry.
  • Hydraulic velocity fuses completely stop lifts in the unlikely event of uncontrolled descent due to sudden hose rupture.
  • Compliance with recognized standards:
    • ANSI MH29.1 - Safety Requirements for Industrial Scissors Lifts
    • NFPA 70 - National Electric Code
    • ASTM - A36 - Structural Steel Standard
    • ANSI Z535 - Safety Labeling Requirements
    • AWS D.1 - Welding Standards
    • Applicable portions of OSHA 29CFR1910 - General workplace safety