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RFS SL3648 Slant Gluer

Item #: SL3648
Brand: RFS Protech
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RFS SL3648 Slant Gluer

  • An economical, high quality edge gluer with the platen mounted on a 45 degree angle for easy loading and placement of stock within the press.

  • The press features pneumatic pressure on the edge of the panel to close the joints; and a 4KW RFS Generator to rapidly cure the glue joints.

  • The press is complete with all required safety circuits and controls required for safe operation.

  • The ergonomics of the press, the control over stock placement, the small footprint, and the affordable price; all these features have made the Model SL the favorite workhorse for users from the smallest shops to the largest woodworking companies.

  • Press Specifications: Curing area: 36" x 48" x 2" thick; Clamping pressure is applied by multi-power (dual pistons on a common shaft) pneumatic cylinders to maximize pressure while relying on standard plant pressures, Unlike presses without multi-power cylinders which require booster compressors, the Model SL reaches full capacity at 100 psig plant air pressure.

  • Edge pressure is applied by six (6) each pusher shoes, each with a 4" bore x 4" stroke twin-piston multi-power pneumatic cylinder.

  • Top platen pressure is applied by two (2) 3-1/4" dia. x 16" stroke pneumatic cylinders through a cantilever arm that keeps the footprint to a minimum while still allowing the operator full access to the platen area.

  • The platen is set at a 45 deg angle, and the top platen opens wide; allowing the operator to step inside the press for ergonomic and accurate parts placement.

  • The internal solid state RFS 4KW generator cures approximately 400 square inches of glue line per minute.

  • The generator features solid state rectifiers and all aluminum cabinet for maximum conductivity and superior performance.

  • Two-hand no-tie-down safety controls for closing top platen; Controls are simple to understand, and are complete with the required push-buttons, switches, meters, digital operator display, and on-screen troubleshooting diagnostics.

  • The machine is controlled by a PLC for dependability and efficient maintenance. All controls will be provided for safe and efficient operation. The operator screen permits efficient operation, and the included press diagnostics screens assist in troubleshooting when the need arises.

  • Proper interfaces will be provided for operational signals and emergency system stop.

  • All necessary RF controls, including buttons, meters and PLC operator interface panel are mounted on a control panel attached to the left front of the press; Interlocked top platen and safety switches on all access doors insure operator safety.

  • Power requirements are 480 volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase electric, Other voltages are available, please specify.