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SCM K 560 ERT Single Sided Edgebander

Item #: K560ERT
Brand: SCM
Model: K 560 ERT
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $85,000.00

Our Price: $85,000.00


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SCM K 560 ERT Single Sided Edgebander.

K 560 ERT – Single Sided Edgebander
Automatic single sided edgebander designed to be used for edgebanding straight vertical profiles with coiled material (veneer and PVC) and with strips (high-pressure laminate and solid wood) with a maximum thickness of 8mm.
Machine Base
The machine base is made of a tubular steel structure and is designed to assure maximum stability and accuracy.

Top Pressure Beam
All operating units raise and lower simultaneously when the pressure beam is adjusted. No adjustment is required
for the glue roller when changing panel thickness. The pressure beam has two rows of staggered pressure rollers
with steel bearings.
Capacities and Speed
• Edgebanding thickness: .4mm - 6mm (.016-1/4”)
• Guillotine capacity: 3mm
• Feed speed: 40/60 ft/min.
• Panel height: 3/8” min – 2 1/8” max
• Minimum panel length: 5 1/2”
• Minimum panel width: 2 3/8”
• Minimum distance between panels: 20

Glue Station
Teflon coated glue pot to facilitate glue changeover. Warm up time is approximately eight to ten minutes. The unit is also equipped with a quick disconnect plug for changing from one pot to another.

Pressure Section
There are a total of three pressure rollers for pressing the banding to
the workpiece edge. The first roller is powered,and it is also Teflon
coated to prevent the banding material from slipping. The two idle
rollers have opposing one-degree tilt to provide extra pressure along
the top and bottom edge. The machine comes standard with an
automatic strip magazine. Comes standard with a mechanical digital
readout for the positioning of the pressure section. The glue pot is
Teflon coated and has a 5.5lb. capacity. Comes equipped with a quick
change feature that allows the operator to remove the glue pot in less
than two minutes.

Startouch Controller
The K 560 comes equipped with the “Startouch” controller. This
controller features a 12" touch screen display. Capable of storing
100 programs. Color graphic display of all the working units. Tracks
production information, diagnostic information and monitors
maintenance schedules. Choose mm's or inches, as well as 5
different languages. Swivels 270 degrees and tilts for easy access.

The machine comes equipped with an anti adhesive unit positioned prior to the pre milling unit. It prevents the build up of glue on the top and bottom of the panel. The unit comes with two independent nozzles and a tank of anti adhesive liquid.

Adustable Infeed Fence
The infeed fence is manually adjustable with a mechanical digital
readout for determining stock removal.

RT-V Pre-Milling Station:
To rectify/clean panels already sized and squared before the edge is applied. The unit is composed of two high frequency motors (2.0hp) with jumping action controlled through the PLC. The cutting heads are adjustable vertically. Diamond cutters are standard with 49mm height.

K-SEL 2” End Trimming Station
This unit is composed of two independent .50 hp motors mounted on THK guides. End trim utilizes a draw cut system for reduced blade projection on thick panels. The unit comes standard with automatic tilting of the unit from the control panel with two preset positions.

R/K Edge Trimming Station
This unit is composed of two independent .7 hp motors operating at 12,000 rpm. It comes standard with THREE position pneumatics, this allows the operator to go from thin tape, to 3mm pvc, to solid wood, through the control panel. All adjustments are carried out with mechanical digital readouts. The unit has top and bottom copy wheels and side copy shoes. The motors have quick release plugs to facilitate tooling changes.

“ROUND-X” Corner Rounding Unit:
Two independent .50hp motors that slide on THK guides ensuring the highest quality finish. Unit is designed to work as an additional set of trimmers for rounding the top/bottom as well as the front/rear corners of work piece with 3mm PVC edges. The unit is equipped with front and lateral copying devices and pneumatic blowers to clean the panel. Dust shrouds surround the cutter and travel with the unit as it trims. The unit can go from thin tape to 3mm PVC, through the controller, with no manual adjustments by the operator.

RAS / K Profile Scraping Station
The profile scraping station designed to remove knife marks from thick PVC. The unit is equipped with pneumatic in/out positioning through the controller. It has a large diameter horizontal copy wheel and side copy wheel device with digital indicators. It features a quick knife replacement system and comes with 3mm knives.

RC-V Glue Scraping Unit
The unit eliminates any excess glue to help improve the quality of the glue joint. It comes standard with double copy wheels on the top and bottom of the panel, air blowers are standard to help keep the knives clean, the off fall is collected in the collection bin and it is pneumatically positioned through the controller.

SP-V Buffing Unit
The buffing unit has two .25 hp motors. It can also be tilted up to 12
degrees to provide a softer, more refined edge finish.

Acoustical Safety Enclosure
All working units are enclosed under an acoustical safety hood to reduce noise and prevent accidents. The hood has a safety microswitch which prevents the machine from operating when the hood is open.

Centralized Dust Extraction
Machine comes with two 3” ports for the premilling station, two 2” ports for the top and bottom trim station and one 3” port for the 3mm collection bin for extraction.