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Schmalz VacuMaster Comfort 250

Item #: VacuMaster Comfort 250
Brand: Schmalz
Year Mfg:

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The Schmalz VacuMaster Comfort 250 consisting of:

Main body 

  • 250 kg capacity
  • 180° swivel unit: electric linear cylinder with brake even motion, no creepage when stopped, infinite rotation position with limit switch
  • Pushbutton control box on handlebar for swivel up/down function
  • Vacuum filter with replaceable cartridge
  • Ø2.5 in vacuum gauge with red/green scale markings to indicate unsafe/safe operation
  • Includes mounting of vacuum generator and motor switch box
  • Energy-saving feature: pump shuts off when adequate vacuum pressure is reached
Suction-pad system

  • Four SPU  suction pads mounted on crossbeams which can be slid/clamped along the main beam
  • Pads for smooth surfaces only
  • Each pad mounted on Flexolink fitting
  • Replaceable non-marking gray rubber pad seals
Vacuum pump

  • On/off motor switch
  • Electronic warning device to monitor vacuum pressure during
      normal operation and during a power failure
Handlebar (700)

  • VacuMaster Comfort handle version
  • Length = 5000 mm 
  • Ergonomically integrated controls with pushbuttons for chain hoist up/down and vacuum on/off
  • Solenoid valve with two-hand operation for vacuum off
Leadtime : 3-5 weeks