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TigerStop TS04 Working length 4', Overall Length 6'

Item #: TS04 Std
Brand: TigerStop
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $5,620.00

Our Price: $5,620.00


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TigerStop TS04 Working length 4'

The TigerStop TS04 Working length 4' comes with powerful features that lets you efficiently use all the materials and drastically reduce production time. Unlike other measuring devices, the TigerStop TS04 Working length 4' avoids guessing which pieces you need to cut in each board. It will effectively find the right combination of cuts for the useable length, reducing waste. In fact, you don't even have to manually mark each piece. With the TigerStop TS04 Working length 4', you don't need to keep track of the right length and count. Most importantly, you can maximize your materials and produce cuts in less time.

**Tables shown in photos shown separately**
Working Length4'
Drive Speedup to 180 fpm
Accuracy+/- 0.004
Pushing Weight (No Roller Tables)up to 90#
Pushing Weight (Roller Tables)up to 120#
Power Requirement120VAC 8A 60Hz
Drive Type 32mm steel-reinforced belt
Motor TypeDC full loop servo with optical encoder
Display Type4x20 LCD
Touch Screenavailable as an upgrade
Interface Optionscontrollable by PC or PLC
Network Optionsethernet, serial, USB
Standard Softwareset point. push feed, pattern, pull