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TigerTurbo Stop Working Length 30' Overall length 33'

Item #: TT-030
Brand: TigerStop
Model: TigerTurbo
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $32,999.00

Our Price: $32,999.00


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The TigerTurbo, big brother to the standard TigerStop stop gauge and pusher
system, offers higher speeds and increased load capacity with the same flexible,
easy-to-use controls. Push more weight (up to 840 pounds, 272 Kg, with roller
tables), position longer stock material (up to 42’, 12.8 M), or move faster (up
to 60”, 1,524 mm per second). TigerTurbo is the perfect saw stop for processing
wooden beams, I- joists, pallet manufacturing or any larger stock requiring
precision cuts.