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US Concepts FAS-Cobra Universal Handrail Moulder

Item #: FAS-Cobra
Brand: US Concepts
Year Mfg:
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US Concepts FAS-Cobra Universal Handrail Moulder

  • Known for its impeccable machine capability to shape laminated glue-ups.

  • Reliable motor for dimensioning handrails.

  • Strong frame

  • Adjustable feed speed.

  • Spindle adjustment due to the cast iron dovetail slides.

Spindle Diameter1-1/4" dia. x 5"
Max. Handrail Width4"
Max. Handrail Height5"
Max. Cutter Diameter6.5"
Main Motor7.5 HP
Feed Speed - Adjustable 0 to 30 FPM
Spindle Speed6,200 RPM
Machine Weight1,680 lbs.

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