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US Concepts CSR-750 Automatic CNC Stair Router

Item #: CSR-750 CNC
Brand: US Concepts
Model: CSR-750CNC
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $81,900.00

Our Price: $81,900.00


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US Concepts CSR-750 Automatic CNC Stair Router

  • Best for box stair construnction.

  • Minimal set-up for the machine.

  • Operation easy - choose the stair style, input your desired rise, run, steps and insert the panel.

  • Aside from the machine's easy use, it allows automatic indexing for the right distance and treads.

  • Includes a 3-axis Industrial CNC which is already programmed for many stair applications.

  • Feed speed control, choose from laminate, hardwood and softwood.

  • Allows remote supervision, as well data entry.

  • Parameters and programs and networking can be easily backed-up.

Machine Dimensions94"L x 59"D x 64"H
Weight4200 lbs
Power Required208-230 VAC 3PH 30A
Max. Material Width14"
Material Thickness 3/4" - 3
Tool shank capacity3/4"
Standard Trenching Tool7/8 Dovetail-may vary
Open Stringer Cutting Tool1/2-3/4"dia x 2
Max. Beveling Cutter3-1/2" dia.
Air Requirement80 PSI
Dust Outlet8" dia