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Uhling HP4000 Clamping Case

Item #: HP4000
Brand: Uhling
Model: HP4000
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $29,995.00

Our Price: $29,995.00


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HP4000 Case Clamp Features

The Uhling HP4000 Case Clamp is an easy to use versatile Case Clamp. It is one of the fastest 2 axis-clamp on the market. The ease of use of its manual positioning make it the fastest way to operate than any motorized or automatic clamps.

  • Versatile wide range clamping envelope allows for multiple unit clamping. It can even clamp cabinets in a horizontal plane.

  • It allows you to apply pressure directly over the joint which results in a better joints.

  • There are four corner pressure bars that are fixed which reduces set-up and changeover time and increases productivity.

  • Reduces the training needed, operator error and fatigue which increase employee moral and productivity

  • Ships fully assembled