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Vista S-24 Up-cut Saw

Item #: S-24
Brand: Vista
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $14,995.00

Our Price: $14,995.00


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Vista S-24 Up-cut Saw

The Vista S-24 Up-cut Saw is unlike any up-cut saw you ever used before. This up-cut saw which was conceived through customer’s requests to create a saw without mitering capabilities, guarantees better cutting production and at the same time promote convenient and safe machine use.  

Its simple operation involves pushing the button, either located on the left or right. This will bring the guard assembly down to your workpiece. A quick adjust rod is available for quick and accurate clamp adjustment. While pressing this button, you need to push the second button to activate the blade. A speed control is equipped to set the best cutting speed. When you release any of the buttons will position the blade lower. This simple operation prevents accident because you don’t have to place your hand along the cutting area. A machined table top will ensure that every cut is precise. You can even feed multiple pieces with the help of the equipped fence rail.  

Compared to the S-20 model, the S-24 comes with a 24” x 100 saw blade and motor brake.  

Fence rail4"
Electrics & Motor10 HP, tefc, 3 phase motor
Saw blade24" x 100 tooth, TCG, carbide tipped sawe