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Wandres BIHP 46/1/1500 Swordbrush Cleaning Module with pressure buffer

Item #: 1801-010
Brand: Wandres
Model: BIHP 46/1/1500
Year Mfg:

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Single-sided, high quality cleaning with Ingromat system
e.g. for boards, foils, paper, metal, rollers
Brief information
Sword Brush B..46/1/.. with circulating brush (2), type Quadro, for the
single-sided cleaning of flat surfaces, wiping edge to edge
- Pressure buffer for constant wiping force
The pressure buffer consists of a special hose that is situated
above (below) the linear brush guide of the surface contact
area of the machine (see page 3)
- Filament diameter: 0.15 mm (option 0.2 / 0.3 mm)
- Filament length: 17 mm, option 19 mm,
Option: 32mm, e.g. for wavy, slightly contaminated surfaces
- Integrated micro-moistening of linear brush
- Motor position may be rotated in 90º steps
- 1 x suction connection Ø 60 mm
- Suction requirement 5 m³/min, supplied by customer