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Cantek GT-635ARD 25" Double Surface Planer

Item #: GT-635ARD-8
Brand: Cantek
Model: GT635ARD-8
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $36,200.00

Our Price: $36,200.00


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Cantek GT-635ARD 25" Double Surface Planer

This Cantek double surface planer mode has more reliable planing features than other branded planers available. It is fitted with two planer heads which doesn’t lack in motor power. The top head has 25HP motor while the bottom head features a 20HP motor. Even the variable feed also has a 5HP motor. The GT-635ARD also boasts 25 inch maximum working width. This double surface planer also features a control panel that is securely on a swivel mount, allowing quicker and more convenient accessibility. For feeding speed rate adjustments, simply access the effective variable speed control system. To keep your workpiece straight during planing, the Cantek GT-635ARD uses a spring loaded conveyor. The feed system’s efficiency is maintained by the built-in auto oil lubricator. Infeed adjustment is possible through the external handwheel.


  • Control system can be swivelled

  • Ensure straight board all the time thanks to the hold feed system with spring

  • Adjust the infeed bed by using the handwheel

  • Consists an automatic lubricator for the spring feed system

  • Features spiral insert knife cutterhead for exceptional planing finish

  • Control feed speed with the variable feed speed control

  • Convenient and quick knife placement

Max. working width25" (opt. 16", 20", 24")
Max. working thickness8"
Min. workpiece length 12.2"
Bottom head motor20 HP
Top planing head motor25 HP
Feed motor 5 HP
Table elevation motor 1/2 HP
Knife dimensions30x12x1.5mm
Cutterhead speed5400 RPM
Feed speed (variable) 23-65 FPM

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