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Doucet ESB-12 Panel Sequencer.

Item #: ESB-12
Brand: Doucet
Model: ESB-12
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $7,500.00

Our Price: $7,500.00


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The ESB-12 features a 12" wide by 36" long feed belt. It is suitable for feeding panels ranging in size from 4" by 10" to 18" by 54" at up to 100 feet per minute.
Its feed sequence is automatically controlled by a photocell tied into a PLC.
Its feed speed is adjustable by a variable speed drive.
Its feed hopper offers a reserve capacity up to 12" thick or up to a maximum of 150 lb.
The ESB is available in right hand or left hand feed configurations.
Sequencing of panels fed lengthwise is fully automatic.
Sequencing of panels fed width wise or of panels larger than those described above requires the assistance of an operator.
The ESB requires a 110 v.a.c. 15 amp. service, no compressed air is required.