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Doucet SDM2-MITER Single Miter Door Clamp

Brand: Doucet
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $8,900.00

Our Price: $8,900.00


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SDM2-MITER Single Miter Door Clamp Features

A 3 position pneumatic valve: open, pre-clamping mode, full clamping mode:

  • in the pre-clamping mode the clamps air cylinders are activated in sequence for a better balance in the
    distribution of the clamping force

  • working in conjunction with the dual action cylinders, push buttons make it easy for the operator to align
    any one of the corners before applying the full clamping pressure

  • the adjustment buttons are located on the air cylinder on the mobile vertical clamp and remain easily
    accessible at all times

Four clamps with air cylinders as follows:

  • one fixed vertical clamp

  • one fixed horizontal clamp

  • one mobile vertical clamp on roller bearings for effortless positioning

  • one mobile horizontal clamp with a unique "gas spring" assisted lever for effortless centering

  • The "gas spring" action is adjustable to 3 distinct settings

Optional Features

  • SDM2-MITER featuring 4 additional clamps and an expanded frame

  • Small Part Inserts allowing the assembly of frames as small as 51/2" x 61/2"

  • Support bar to prevent distorsion in central section of long doors

  • Oversize models available upon request