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Doucet ZX-100 Finger Joint System

Item #: ZX-100
Brand: Doucet
Model: ZX-100
Year Mfg:

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The ZX-100 fingerjointer, a medium to high production unit designed for
non-structural applications, for hard wood and soft wood.

The Doucet
ZX-100 is a Double End Fingerjointer with lugs on 9" or 12" centers, a
manual lug loading table, a manual corner transfer, a pre-assembly
tunnel and a 16 foot assembly press expandable in increments of 4 feet
up to 40 feet.

THE zx-100 fingerjointer includes:

  • Semi-automatic Feed Conveyor, 24" x 20'
  • Fingerjointer shapers includes:
    • 2 Machining Stations, one left, one right
    • 10" Scoring Saws on 3 HP motors, 3400 RPM
    • 14" Trim Saws on 5 HP motors, 3400 RPM
    • Cutterheads on 20 HP motors, 3400 RPM
    • Automatic transfer between machining stations
    • Apquip Glue Applicator
    • 20 HP feed motor with variable speed drive up to 75 FPM
  • Gravity Corner Transfer with wheels
  • Pre-assembly Tunel, 15' long
    • 2 side powered platen chains with 7.5 HP motor
    • 1 bottom powered platen chains with 5 HP motor
    • All motors for tunnel are linked to the same variable speed drive and automatically vary according to board flow
  • Automatic Assembly Press, 16' long
    • 5 HP motor on pressing wheels with variable speed drive
    • 14" Undercut Saws on 5 HP Motors
    • 5 HP motor on side lug transfer chain toward the pressure cylinder
    • 5 HP power unit for pressure cylinder and top deflection holddown
  • Control Panel with Omron programmable controller and production report