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Doucet RDM Miter

Item #: RDM-Miter
Brand: Doucet
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $41,400.00

Our Price: $41,400.00


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Doucet RDM Miter

The Doucet RDM Miter is a great choice of machinery for assembling doors and drawers. It is made from industrial tubular frame which is sturdy and long-lasting. Its strong built makes the Doucet RDM Miter maintenance free. As for its features, the Doucet RDM Miter doesn't disappoint. It can join or assemble huge doors and drawers without difficulties. This is due to its powerful air cylinder and reliable four clamps. For precise assembling, the Doucet RDM Miter's corners can also be adjusted by pushing the buttons. There are also a wide variety of options that you can include with the Doucet RDM Miter.
Options The Rotary Miter Door Clamp is also available a capacity of 48" x 96" or 30" x 96" in 8 sections in combined sections Available Options Automatic Sections Indexing Adjustable to the operator's selected working height Frees-up the operator to more productive tasks