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TigerStop TS06 working length 6', overall length 8'.

Item #: TS06 Std
Brand: TigerStop
Model: TS06
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $6,680.00

Our Price: $6,680.00


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TigerStop TS06 working length 6'

For small and big woodworking projects, the TigerStop TS06 working length 6' won't let you down. The TigerStop TS06 working length 6' is one of the best positioning systems that professional woodworkers and beginners trust. It comes with effective features that will greatly improve production levels and reduce waste. Its revolutionary system is engineered to offer you the best measurement for your work piece, reducing time calculating and writing down each cut created. Even with the innovative system, the TigerStop TS06 working length 6' is still user-friendly. In fact, you or your employees can learn to control and use this device in just five minutes. The TigerStop TS06 working length 6' is truly a competitive positioning system that can deliver its promise.

**Tables shown in photos shown separately**
Working Length6"
Drive Speedup to 180 fpm
Accuracy+/- 0.004"
Pushing Weight (No Roller Tables)up to 90#
Pushing Weight (Roller Tables)up to 120#
Power Requirement120VAC 8A 60Hz
Drive Type 32mm steel-reinforced belt
Motor TypeDC full loop servo with optical encoder
Display Type4x20 LCD