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Hermance Machine Company offers a great variety of new and used industrial planers suited to an incredible range of applications. We offer everything from small bench top planers that are perfect for home workshops or double surface industrial wood planers capable of taking your commercial operation to the next level.

Diverse Selection

Since 1902, Hermance has made it our business to ensure you can succeed at your own pace. Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or a replacement, or you’re planning to expand your offerings, we have dependable, high-quality planers available.

Units deal with materials in a full range of thicknesses, starting at fractions of an inch. We have machines capable of handling extremely large projects, and each of our new models also comes with convenience and safety features to give your workers the confidence they need to stay focused.

Advanced Features

We sell industrial planning equipment made by some of the best manufacturers in the business, including:

  • Powermatic

  • Buss

  • Cantek

  • Martin

  • Casadei

  • Hoffmann

  • Northtech

  • And more

Our best models aim to make operation a breeze by automating most of the manufacturing process. This is especially true for dimension storage. Our Martin system, for instance, can store up to 99 dimensions for the easiest order setting possible.

Double-sided planing was a major advancement years ago because it cut certain operation times in half. Today, we carry several double-sided planers, but we also have machines that outshine the competition when it comes to the final product. Vibration controls, for instance, promote uniform cuts, as well as shock and sound absorption.

Contouring, Edge Lipping and Straight Knife Cutterheads

The most versatile machines on the market are capable of combining basic planing with specialty designs. Contouring and edge lipping are both conventional looks that are useful in many projects. Accessories used to create these patterns are often easy to install or remove, depending on the needs of your project. For example, straight-knife machines provide an upscale surface quality and are a must for high-end products. You can browse our listings or check with customer service to learn more about our specialty planer equipment.

At Hermance, we have everything you need to get business running as smoothly as possible. We can help you find convenient replacement for knives, belts and other planer components. Looking to get more out of your equipment? Be sure to check out our selection of HelixHead premium helical cutterheads. Take advange of the many benefits it offers including lower maintenance costs, a true shear cut, excellent finish, and longer knife life. Forget about running from place to place to fulfill your needs — shop conveniently at Hermance for replacement planers or upgrades.

New, Used and Consignment Sales

Along with the latest models we list at affordable prices, we also offer plenty of used machines available in excellent condition. Our team of repair and maintenance techs work tirelessly to bring used units as close to factory standards as possible. Used models can help you save a significant amount of money while getting the benefits you need to grow your business.

Call Hermance at 570-326-9156 or email sales@hermance.com for more information on the new or used models currently for sale. Also ask about how to sell your own older equipment through our convenient consignment sales.

Results 1-10 of 56