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If your business relies on sanders for smoothing down abrasive surfaces, you’ve come to the right place. Hermance Machine Company offers well over 100 quality sanders for sale, including some of the most widely recognized brand names in the industrial machinery business including wide belt sanders, edge sanders, profile sanders and more! Regardless of whether you oversee a mammoth industrial operation or enjoy woodworking as a hobby in your home workshop, you’ll find the sander that meets your needs as well as your budget. 

Our lineup of new and used sanders includes machinery from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. We feature sanding equipment and accessories from widely-recognized names such as Delta, Jet, Northtech, Ritter, Cantek, Mini Max and many others. 


What Types of New Sanders Are Available From Hermance?

Whether you need an edge sander, wide belt sander, planer sander, disc belt sander, rotary sander or any other type of sander you can think of, you’ll find it here:

  • Edge - The perfect tool for sanding corners and other hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Spindle - These sanders are equipped with an oscillating spindle and are typically used to smooth rough curved edges. They can also sand the interior surfaces of deep hole cuts.
  • Belt - Belt sanders are normally used at the beginning stages of the sanding process to provide aggressive sanding action on rough wooden surfaces.
  • Disc - Disc sanders are often the preferred choice for shaping wood, plastics and softer metals.
  • Stroke - Stroke sanders are typically used in large production operations for smoothing expansive surfaces such as doors, cabinets and tabletops.
  • Moulding - A top-quality moulding sander can quickly and easily remove fibers from the surface of wood or break sharp edges.
  • Profile - Profile sanders are used to create and finish decorative edges on cabinets and furniture.
  • Denibbing - A denibbing sander is used in finishing applications to remove small, pointed protrusions from the surface.
  • Wide belt - A wide belt sander is a heavy-duty machine used for rough sanding on large surfaces.
  • Drum - Drum sanders are equipped with rotating sanding drums and are typically used for finishing large surfaces.

We Carry a Large Used Sander Inventory

If a brand-new sander isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you’ll also find an enormous selection of quality used products, including used wide belt sanders, as well as sander parts and accessories. Our spacious 60,000-square-foot warehouse and showroom helps us maintain a large used sander inventory at all times. We also have access to multiple buying channels that allows us to acquire and sell reliable used sanding equipment at affordable prices. If you can’t find the exact machine you’re looking for, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Increase Your Business’s Operating Efficiency

If it’s been a while since you’ve upgraded your business’s sanding equipment, it’s time to check out our line of products. You’ll be amazed at the way a new planer or edge sander will not only improve the quality of the finished product, but also increase operational speed.

In a time where businesses everywhere need to do more with less, you’ll be pleased with the increased efficiency. Best of all, increased efficiency leads to decreased production costs, which means a much healthier bottom line.

We’re a Full-Service Woodworking Equipment Provider

Over the course of 100+ years in business, Hermance has developed a reputation for providing excellent service to our large U.S. and international customer base. Our range of services includes machinery repairs, equipment reconditioning, preventative maintenance and more. If you have old sanders you’d like to sell, our consignment program can manage the entire sales process for you while bringing in some extra cash to boot.

Explore Our Current New and Used Sander Inventory

Please take a few minutes to browse through our extensive selection of quality sanders. When you find what you’re looking for, our online ordering process makes purchasing the item a breeze. We’re also there to help if you need more information during the buying process. Online ordering assistance is readily available, and you can always give us a call at 570-326-9156.

Results 1-10 of 141