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Rehnen Model SK-2 Special Edge Sanding Machine

Item #: SK2
Brand: Rehnen
Model: SK-2
Year Mfg:
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Rehnen Model SK-2 special edge sanding machine.  The Rehnen edge sander is the highest quality edge sander on the market with many unique features.  The ability for the belt to oscillate the full width of the belt allows for full utilization of the sanding abrasive.  The dust collection located in the table captures the dust at the sources.  

This edge-sanding machine offers additional one rear and two radius sanding places Ø 80 and 300 mm beside the conventional straight sanding side. This allows for the entire area of sanding works to be utilized. The heavy sanding table with suction through the table and the pneumatically height adjustable oscillation are ergonomic purposes of maintaining a constant working height, as well as exceptional sanding results and extended sanding belt life by using the full amount of abrasive.  4 working places on one machine -  1. radius sanding at roller 80 mm- 300 mm 2. swung working side (r=1000mm) for most of all radius  3. straight working side - use complete sanding belts because of adjustable height oscillation 4. solid working table around the sanding unit.   Dust-proofed dust-collection thru the table.

*  Veneer unit shown in pictures is not included on the stock model.

Technical Data:
Voltage: 230V
Phase: 3 PH
motor power: 4 kW (5.4 HP)
size of sanding belt: 200 x 3200 mm (~8" x 126")
speed of belt: 15 m/sec. (~ 50 FPM)
platen length 1100 mm (44")
table size: 345 x 2200 mm (~13.5" x 86.6")
required place: 2000 x 3000 mm (~80"x 118")
Dust: 1 x 140mm (5-1/2")
weight: 650 kg (1433 lbs)

Note: Can be Upgraded to 460/3/60 for an additional $250.00

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