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SawStop ICS73230-52 Cabinet Saw With 52” Fence

Item #: ICS73230-52
Brand: SawStop
Year Mfg:
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SawStop ICS73230-52 Cabinet Saw With 52” Fence

The SawStop® Industrial Cabinet Saw is the definition of industrial grade. It is the heaviest, most powerful and highest quality 10" cabinet saw available. The 7.5HP, 3ph, 230v configuration with a 52" Industrial T-Glide Fence Assembly offers the durability, versatility, and the peace of mind only SawStop's patented safety system can provide.

• 85 1/4" w, 36 1/2" d, 34" h

• Durable craftmanship and thoughtful details combine for consistent, reliable performance in the most demanding industrial environments.

• SawStop Safety System stops on contact with skin.

• 52" Industrial T-Glide Fence System provides smooth operation, an expansive work surface, precision measurement and sure lockdown without deflection.
Motor7.5 HP

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