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The saw has experienced a dramatic evolution over the years, and Hermance Machine Company has been a major player. We’ve been providing businesses and hobbyists alike with quality saw products since 1902.



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Saws from Leading Manufacturers

These days, we stock an extensive inventory of saw products in our 60,000-square-foot warehouse and showroom facility located in Williamsport, PA. Whether you need a beam saw, chop saw or any other type of saw, you’ll find it here. Our new saw lineup includes:

  • Table saws - As the most commonly purchased saw type, our table saw selection features the revolutionary SawStop “hot dog” saws that have set the industry standard for performance and safety. Versions are available for hobbyists, craftsmen and commercial operations. We also carry a wide assortment of other leading table saw brands.
  • Panel saws - Our selection of panel saws includes beam saws that are ideal for cutting large quantities of plywood and particle board sheets. We also carry vertical panel saws for cutting medium volumes of sheet goods where cutting patterns are best made one sheet at a time.
  • Band saws & resaws - We offer versatile band saws and resaws for cutting wood, metal and other materials.
  • Radial Arm Saws - Our selection of radial arm saws provide pinpoint accuracy for rips, crosscuts and much more.
  • Cut Off Saws & Miter Saws - Superior durability and reliability are the defining characteristics of our cutoff and miter saws.
  • Straight Line Rip Saws - We carry straight line rip saws that provide high-precision cutting with minimal effort.
  • Optimizing Saws - We’re your source for optimizing saws that enable you to make the most of your rip and crosscut operations, helping you increase output and lower costs.
  • Sliding Table Saws - A sliding table saw from Hermance offers an unbeatable combination of maximum cutting speed and efficiency.
  • Gang Rip Saws - Our gang rip saws are an excellent choice for rough mill or sizing saw applications.

  • Saws Designed for Safety and Performance

    At Hermance, we realize saws not only need to be reliable, but also safe. That’s why we offer saws from leading manufacturers that place safety as well as quality at the forefront.

    Our roster of reputable manufacturers includes SawStop, Whirlwind Saws and Omga, Inc. Products such as the Whirlwind chop saw or Omga saw equipment like double miter or radial arm saws are widely recognized for providing superior performance and dependability.

    Keep Operating Costs Low With Dependable Used Saws

    In today’s highly-competitive business climate, companies everywhere are faced with the challenge of making the most out of limited resources — that means taking advantage every opportunity to minimize expenses. We also carry a large selection of quality used saws that provide excellent value for your money. Get a reliable saw at a price that won’t cut too deeply into your operating budget.

    An Extraordinary Level of Customer Support

    The fact we’ve been in the saw business for more than a century means we possess the expertise to help you before, during and after the saw-purchasing process.

    While you’ll find plenty of useful information about all our saws here on our website, that doesn’t mean you’re left to fend for yourself.

    Our experienced and professional sales staff is standing by to answer your questions and to provide any guidance you need during the decision-making process. You’ll also have access to industry-leading customer support should you need it after the sale.

    A Wide Range of Saw Parts and Accessories

    To help keep your saws operating over the long haul, we also offer a wide assortment of saw blades as well as a host of other vital parts and accessories. Installing the right part at the right time can increase the efficiency of your machine as well as prevent the need to purchase a brand-new piece of equipment. Hermance enables you to get all the saw machinery, tools and accessories you need from one convenient online shopping location.

    Take a Minute to Browse

    We encourage you to browse our large inventory of saw products. We’re sure you’ll find exactly what your business needs! You can also place your order quickly and securely on our website. If you need additional product selection or ordering assistance, give us a call at 866.326.8131.