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Rilesa DCU 2200 Cutting Unit

Item #: DCU 2200
Brand: Rilesa
Model: DCU 2200 Cutting Machine
Year Mfg:

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The DCU is used to calibrate the length of material before the next operations are completed.  If your material lengths are not accurate, adding a DCU in front will accurately calibrate the length before drilling and doweling.  

The chamfering units are used in furniture applications where the ends require a chamfer.

The DCU cutting units can be combined with all our standard one-man-operated dowel drilling machines - the Rilesa Pro-Line, UNI-X,Omnia Dowel and Omnia machines.

The DCU is linked with the drilling machine by a conveyor system and returns the components to the operator, from underneath the hopper.

The DCU can process a very clean cut in one or multiple components in the same stroke.


High quality cutting in exact lengths with 2 units.

Optional 45° chamfering system for both cuts.

Materials: Solid wood, MDF, chip board, plywood.

Components: Short and long components, frame components, bed sides, drawer sides and -fronts etc.

 Technical Data:


Height: 10 - 40mm 

Width: 20 - 190mm 

Length: Length: 170 - 2200mm (DCU 2200)