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Dust Collection Design & Installation

Dust Collection - Nordfab and Nederman

Hermance is proud to be a distributor and installer of Nordfab’s Quick-Fit Clamp Together Ducting. Scroll down through this page to view examples of different size dust collection jobs.

Large Dust Collection Systems

We at Hermance have installed many large dust collection systems throughout the Mid Atlantic. A system can be custom designed to meet your needs. Our standard configuration for large systems begins with the expandable Nederman NFK filter.

Dust Collection Unit at Werner

The NFK system is modular and can be expanded as your production grows. This means that you never need to worry about buying a dust collector that is too small or too large. Below are picture of the fans that power the system. These can also be added as more volume may be required:

You can customize the way that you would like the material stored and removed. The NFK can be placed above a removable dumpster, or an auger can be placed under the collector to move sawdust to a trailer. Any disposal method you can think of can be arranged to suit your needs.

Medium Size Dust Collection Systems

Many shops reach a point in their growth where small, dedicated collectors don't quite cut it.
Here are a few mid-range systems:

dust collection installed at Architect of the Capitol in DC
dust collection installed at Architect of the Capitol in DC

Low Volume Dust Collection Systems

The Nederman S Series is an excellent place to start for lesser air volume requirements. An S Series collector is also ideal for an isolated machine that would require a long length of pipe from the main collector. Here are a couple examples of smaller systems: