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Voorwood A11 Table-Shaper/Sander

Item #: A11
Brand: Voorwood
Model: A11
Year Mfg:

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The Voorwood Model A11 shapes and sands the edge of wood components. The A11 is capable of
processing all the components of a five piece door and is capable of shaping and sanding straight
components as well as contoured shapes using a template system. The A11 is also equipped with a back
gauge and edge guide for sizing and squaring wood substrate as it is being processed.
The main-frame weldment is fabricated from steel plate. The base is pre-drilled for permanent machine
The transport assembly consists of an aluminum work table equipped with live bearings. The assembly
moves along precision linear rails passing in front of the shaper and sander. The table is equipped with two
fences set 90 degrees from each other for sizing and squaring wood substrate. The sizing fence is adjustable
using linear scales. The transport assembly is also equipped with a template holder. Different shaped
templates can be inserted into the template holder for shaping and sanding the desired contour.
The hold-down assembly holds the substrate securely as it is being shaped and sanded. It consists of a
rectangular steel beam with a rough top rubber surface that makes contact with the wood substrate. When
actuated, two air cylinders pull the hold-down toward to wood substrate clamping the substrate to the
transport table. The hold-down assembly also acts as a protective barrier, shielding the operator from the
shaping and sanding tools. A vertical adjustment hand wheel adjusts for substrate thickness.
Shaping and sanding stations are equipped with precision-balanced drive motors and spindles. The spindles
rotate in the counter clockwise direction. The spindles are equipped with expanding/contracting bodies that
securely grip the shaping and sanding tools. The expanding bodies also contain a drive key that aligns with
the keyway in the tooling. A button on the control panel activates the locking/unlocking of the tools. This
action is interlocked so that the spindle drive motors cannot be activated when the spindles are in the
unlocked position.
All tools are designed on a common working diameter and are mounted on a sleeve assembly. Vertical
adjustment is achieved using a shim stack in this sleeve assembly. Once the shim stack is set it never needs
to be changed. This allows for no vertical or horizontal adjustment of the spindles when changing between
tools during normal operation. Both the shaper and sander sander are equipped with a fine horizontal
adjustment to adjust the desired cut location or sanding pressure.
The spindles can be easily accessed from the front of the machine. A tooling storage compartment is located
below the spindles in front of the operator. This system provides for a very fast and repeatable changing of
the shaper and sander tools.
The control panel consists of lighted push button controls mounted on the transport table next to the handle
used to push the table back and forth. This allows for easy access to all controls and a fast efficient process
during operation.
This machine conforms to ANSI/NFPA 70, NFPA 79, UL508A, and CE standards.
The dust collection is integrated into the frame cavity that houses the spindles. This cavity can be easily
accessed from the front by an access door on top of the machine. Two 5” (127mm) ports extract dust from
this cavity out the back of the machine away form the operator.

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