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Therm O Web

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Therm O Web

Therm O Web laminating machine use an EVA based hot melt glue web which is ecologically friendly, non-flammable, and produced in rolled form. Its unique formulation and web design allow for easy and consistent application of the glue. Browse our selection of Therm O Web laminating equipment models below to find the right machine for your specific application.
Therm O Web

Other Benefits of the Therm O Web Glue Web Include...


Therm O Web's hot melt glue web is produced in 500 linear foot rolls up to 62 inches in width. Order any width that you need and only pay for the actual square footage on each roll. This allows for no waste of glue during production or costly clean up efforts.

No Cure Time

Fabricate immediately after lamination. No wasted time waiting for curing.Precision

Therm O Web glue web measures only 10 mills thin and provides even coverage over the entire surface - eliminating inconsistencies, telegraphing and bleed-through (often found with PVA, contact and other adhesives).

Glue Web Formulation

Based upon the heat requirements of the finished product. Standard temperature and high temperature are available.