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Start boosting efficiency and productivity today with a new TigerStop system. TigerStop automatic stop systems provide you will a simple, convenient way to automate positioning of your material on a large number of machines in your shop or production line. TigerStop systems are extremely easy to use and operate, and TigerStop systems can also handle complex manufacturing and production processes with add-on software. Shop our full line of TigerStop products below to see how you can start saving with a TigerStop today!



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What Is TigerStop?

Your TigerStop will quickly become a major cost and time saver for your business. Program in your measurements, and let your system do the rest. Enjoy automatic positioning and accurate cuts. By upgrading to a TigerStop system, your investment will speed up your workloads and lead to significantly less waste.

TigerStop is a pusher and a stop. TigerStop is a replacement for your manual stop system on almost any machine that is currently equipped with a manual stop or needs a stop system:

  • Saws

  • Drilling equipment

  • Notchers

  • Punch presses

  • Shears

  • Brakes

  • Assembly equipment, and more

You can quickly retrofit nearly all of your existing equipment to take advantage of the faster, more efficient automated positioning TigerStop provides. Models include specialty units for heavy-duty materials as well as for processing multiple pieces at a time.

Units also offer cost-savings when it comes to man-hours and the employee expertise you require. Why have your top workers focused on menial tasks you can assign to a newcomer? Allow your experienced employees to spend time on the projects that make the biggest contribution to your bottom line. Talk to an industrial systems sales pro about the total impact of adding a TigerStop to your equipment lineup.

TigerStop is a simple way to automate the positioning requirements of all of these machines and many more.

Automated Stop/Gauge and Pusher System

TigerStop is the affordable, programmable digital stop and push feed system you have been looking for. Whether you have a rip saw or an industrial press, you can save a considerable amount of time and money just by automating your work.

TigerStop is proven to provide operations with repeatable, precise work — from drilling holes for construction kits to making miter cuts — with accuracy rated to within .004 inches of your target. Accessories help maintain the quality of long or complicated jobs. TigerStop equipment can also retain up to 100 different job measurements, so less time needs to be spent on inputting data before you get to work.

The incredibly easy-to-use systems take just minutes to learn, allowing a novice to process a full job on their own faster than an expert previously could. The computing, the measuring and the marking is all done for you and your staff. Your main task is to ensure operations run smoothly from the start of a job to the finish.

Just imagine how much faster you’d cut, drill or process an order if reworking was taken out of the equation. Imagine how much more you’d be able to process if waste materials were cut down to a minimum. A TigerStop saw or drill positioner can make that happen.

TigerStop Is...

  • TigerStop is simple to install - no special wiring or software needed. Just attach, plug in, and you're ready to go!

  • TigerStop is designed to be simple and easy to use. The keypad looks just like a calculator. Operators can be trained in minutes.

  • TigerStop is much more sophisticated than meets the eye. TigerStop can handle many common and not so common manufacturing processes. TigerStop offers add-on software packages and upgrades to handle even more complex processes.

Make the most of every dollar you put back into your business. Choose investments that impact productivity, employee satisfaction and your bottom line. Check out our convenient online ordering options today, or contact our customer service staff for help in selecting your new equipment.