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Used Eagle Moving Arbor Rip Saw Line

Item #: 13752
Brand: Eagle
Model: Ripmaster II
Year Mfg: 2017

Reg Price: $350,000.00

Our Price: $350,000.00


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Eagle Moving Arbor Rip Saw Line. Delivered in 2017, line was never setup or run. Line consists of Eagle Ripmaster II fenceless automated optimizing ripsaw feeder and Eagle moving blade ripsaw. Eagle Ripmaster fence includes a measuring infeed with 8 chain strands, 2 pneumatically actuated board dealers, board width measuring system, 8 pneumatically actuated optimization station board lifters, 1 servo position shuttle with 8 pneumatically actuated board lifters with ball screw and mist lubrication system, servo position laser system, 1 fixed position VFD driven lower ripsaw infeed rollcase with two 20” wide knurled steel drive rolls and four 20” smooth steel idle rolls, three 20” wide pneumatically actuated smooth steel top ripsaw infeed pinch rolls. Eagle rip saw consists of 1 fixed position 30 HP hogging station, 1 servo position (moveable) 30 HP hogging station, 1 servo position (moveable) 7.5 HP splitting station. VFD driven 20” wide knurled bottom feed rolls and pneumatically loaded knurled top feed rolls. Pneumatically loaded top pressure plate for each blade or hogging station.
This system was designed for kiln dried hardwoods with material thicknesses ranging from .2” to 1.2”. Input length of 4’to 17’, input width 3” to 18”, output width 2.25” to 11.5”. Machine line is priced loaded on a truck, FOB PA.