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Used BAM Model OHT - Door Lite Machine

Item #: 13085
Brand: BAM
Model: M-750
Year Mfg: NA

Reg Price: $14,900.00

Our Price: $14,900.00


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Used BAM Model OHT - Door Lite Machine.

Gross weight – approx. 2,200 pounds
• Measures – approx. 10- ½" x 5'x 8'
• Cycle time – dependent on door light
• Air requirements – 120psi @ 12cfm (minimum ¾" diameter unrestricted line)
• Electrical requirements – 120V single-phase @ 60 amps, 240V single-phase @ 30 amps, and 230V 3-phase
@ 30 amps

Equipment Features
• Automatically mortises and drills the latch prep with push-button ease
• Automatic lock-out and air-dumping with optional manual operation for the mortise unit when used on a steel edge door
• Hands-free, automatic clamping along the door edge
• Oscillating head for easy cutting and longer bit life
• Stabilizing cylinder on camber arm for smoother operation and less vibration
• Overhead retractable holder for standard templates up to 3' wide
• Comes with 3-hole template including standard 2- ⅛", 1- ⅝", and 1- diameter lock sizes with replaceable inserts
• Comes with 2 sets of automated stops for 6' 8" and 8' doors (total of 4 each)
• Two-speed cutter pulleys for wood or steel bits
• Half stop on plunge that enables cutter to do wood block type lock hole in two interrupted steps, allowing time to clear shavings
between bores
• Four ⅛" spacers for depth of plunge, greatly maximizing bit’s life expectancy
• Handles doors up to 4' wide and 8' high
• All air switches easily accessible in a single box located on the articulating arm of the machine
• Easily accessible electric control box is separate from air controls
• Emergency shut-off that automatically retracts all cutters and turns off electricity for safe operation