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Used Cefla TCF 404 Finishing Line

Item #: 11293
Brand: Cefla
Model: TCF 404
Year Mfg: 2006

Reg Price: $450,000.00

Our Price: $325,000.00


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Used Cefla TCF 404 Finishing Line

    The following equipment is included:

  • Cefla TNS-3650-RBT TCF 404 Infeed Loading Conveyor. S/N 06010/52. Belt size: 54" W x 12' L

  • Cefla GT180/5487/133/S TCF 404 Infeed Transfer Conveyor 180-degrees. S/N: 06010/53. Conbination Line 4 infeed, Line 4 cross transfer, Line 4 outfeed

  • (2x) Cefla SM TCF 404 HD Filing Machine / Denibber. Dual overhead brush, thru feed belt conveyor. S/N: 06010/54 and 06010/65

  • Cefla TNS 6870/A TCF 404 Transfer Conveyor. Belt size: 54" W x 22' L. S/N: 06010/55

  • Sorbini VS/34-ACT/S TCF 404 Brush Belt Cleaner. MP3ST026112. S/N: 06010/56

  • Cefla EL1 TCF 404 Spraybooth. Automatic rotary spray machine. 16-head automatic spray gun carousel (guns removed), water wash type, thru feed belt conveyor, type SGM control console, Allegro air filter unit. S/N: 06010/57

  • Hydro Italia HYDRO FLO TY Spray Booth Water Treatment/Filtration System. Type 36M. Stainless steel construction. Closed loop system with recirculation pumps. S/N: EFL 1106046

  • Cefla TR3P 2V/2S FIFO TCF 404 Stacking Conveyor. 3-Tier stacker/accumulator conveyor belts. S/N: 06010/58

  • Cefla TNS 4000 CT TCF 404 Transfer Conveyor. Belt type

  • Cefla FV4/3500/133/116 TCF 404 Drying Oven. Process supplied steam heat. 3-chambers with independent digital temperature controls, multi-tier with chain driven verical carousel. S/N: 06010/60

  • Cefla TRC 2500/TC/TX TCF 404 Transfer Conveyor. Power roller type. 56" x 8'. S/N: 06010/61

  • Cefla TRC 2500/TC TCF 404 Transfer Conveyor. Power roller type. 56" x 8'. S/N: 06010/62

  • Cefla RIB/B3500 TCF 404 Turn Over Conveyor Flipper. S/N: 06010/63

  • Cefla TRC 4000/2V-2S TCF 404 Transfer Conveyor. Power roller type. 56" x 13'. S/N: 06010/6

  • (2x) Cefla TNS 5000/A TCF 404 Outfeed Conveyors. Belt Type. 55" x 16'. S/N: 06010/66 & 06010/67

  • (2x) Cefla TNS 3500 TCF 404 Outfeed Conveyors. Power belt type. S/N: 06010/71 & 06010/72

  • This Cefla Spray Finishing Line was used primarily as a top coat and sealing of cabinet door and face frame parts. The equipment can be utilized to seal and topcoat a wide variety of materials. It can be used to stain also, but is not set up with stain wiping brushes (can be added after spray machine later if staining is desired). The line can be used to spray all other components of cabinets as well (sides, shelves, whatever). This line is totally automated in numerous ways. The line allows you to load the infeed, and the laser eye automatically reads the height of the parts being sprayed, and automatically adjusts the height of the denibbing sanders and spray machine to ensure the optimum adjustments for both.