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Used Hoffmann Morso KS Mini Half-lap Joint Routing Machine

Item #: 12937
Brand: Hoffmann
Model: KS Mini-Hof
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $7,035.00

Our Price: $7,035.00


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Used Hoffmann Morso KS Mini Half-lap Joint Routing Machine. Power Supply: 208 - 220 V, single phase, 4 Amp; Motor Speed: 29,000 rpm; Air Supply: 90 psi; Max. moulding width: 2"; Max. moulding height: 2"; Collet Sizes 1/4", 6mm, 8mm; Standard Router Bit 1/4", two-flute spiral bit, carbide; Max. groove height: 1"; Max. groove height: not limited with multiple passes; Dimensions: 26” L, 18” W, 17 ¼” H; Cabinet height: 30"; Machine weight: 108 lbs.; Producing tight fitting half-lap joints is always more difficult than it appears at first. The problem lies in the fact that a number of cuts have to be made very precise in order to achieve a gap-free joint. Large, fully automatic milling machines are available, but they are generally very expensive and require special tooling as well patience during the set-up and adjustment process. Our MORSO NF or NFX notching machines and the MORSO KS Mini routing machine offer a more versatile and less costly alternative to small to medium production levels and for custom shops.