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Used MB Roba Duplex

Item #: 13395
Brand: MB
Model: Roba Duplex
Year Mfg: 2010

Reg Price: $15,000.00

Our Price: $15,000.00


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Used MB Roba Duplex.

The Roba Simplex/Duplex consists of one or two sanding areas of 100 mm. The height adjustment is done pneumatically in fast motion mode.

In the Duplex machine two different sanding paper settings can be used. For example for intense wood sanding a grit 120 is placed in the upper belt, while the lower belt contains a grit 240 for the fine finishing or sealer sanding. The change of the sanding area is done by a pneumatically enforced movement by the use of a manual switch. That means that no pre settings are needed if the operator wants to change the
sanding operation.

The system is based on a sanding belt system instead of rotating brushes. The advantages compared to rotating brushes are obvious: The system offers an effective and plain surface sanding. The work pieces must only be pressed against the sanding belt and not, compared to a normal brush system, be moved from right to left through the brush. This results in considerable lower processing time.
For companies needing even more sanding capacity coming from the Roba Duplex, MB offers the new developed Twin Duplex. The machine is equipped with two work tables and offers access to the sanding belt from both sides.
In this way the machine can be used by two operators simultaneously.