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Used Pistorius ST-A Slotter

Item #: 13432
Brand: Pistorius
Model: ST-A
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $5,000.00

Our Price: $5,000.00


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Used Pistorius ST-A Slotter.
In operation, you prepare the joint by putting your pre-cut pieces into the Slotter, which cuts a groove into the face of the miter joint of both pieces at the same time from the inside of the corner. The groove stops before going to the outside of the corner, so the joint fastening is not seen on the outside. The pieces are then put into the Clampnailer, which drives a special fastener into the groove in both pieces, drawing and locking them tightly together. This is said to be the strongest miter joint. Miter angles are widely adjustable, so you can do octagons, hexagons, squares, etc. Motor is 3/4HP, 115 / 230 Volts 1 phase.