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Used SCM Tech 95 Borer

Item #: 11739
Brand: SCM
Model: Tech 95
Year Mfg: 1998

Reg Price: $16,750.00

Our Price: $16,750.00


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Used SCM Tech 95 Borer


  • Point to Point Boring Machine

  • Wired 400V, 3 PH, 32A

  • Monoblock steel base,

  • ribbed and normalized to guarantee stability and precision

  • THK Guideways in X, Y and Z Axes

  • AC Brushless Servo drives in all three Axes

  • Frequency inverter selected to match router size

  • Worktable with four supports and two vacuum cups each for locking of workpieces

  • Worktables feature centralized pneumatic locking

  • Pneumatically extended reference stops for panel placement

  • Additional right stop to extend reference point to 2,800 mm

  • Rollers for panel support when using 2,800 mm stop

  • Single vacuum zone machine featuring Becker pump

    Boring Unit
  • Ten independent spindles for vertical boring on 32mm centers

  • Two independent spindles for horizontal boring along the X axis

  • Two independent spindles for horizontal boring along the Y axis

    Routing Unit
  • One Electro Spindle with ISO-30 tool holder

  • Maximum router power - 9 HP (6.6 kw)

  • Tool RPM 12,000 - 18,000

  • Left or right hand rotation selected from program

    Grooving Saw
  • X-axis grooving Saw mounted in front of drill head

  • Grooving saw powered by independent motor, 3-1/2 HP (2.6 kw)

    KTL 10500 CNC Controller Featuring

  • 9", 16 grey scale high resolution monochrome graphics video

  • Alphanumerical keyboard for main functions, including dimension display, machine parameter programming, work program loading from personal computer

  • 32 Bit Microprocessor

  • 3-1/2" floppy disc drive

  • 256 KB user ram

  • PLC integrated function

  • RS-232 Serial port

  • On board parametric programming

  • On board calculator

  • On board optimization

  • Axis over ride function to adjust feed speed during machining process

  • Linear and circular interpolation in three planes, with linear interpolation in three planes, with linear interpolation in space and helicoidal interpolation of any selected plane

  • On-line help for all program functions

  • Graphic and Syntactic Help screen for boring and routing operations

  • Head configuration graphics

  • Part graphics for quick and easy checking of program results

  • Zoom function for precise checking of individual machining steps

  • Checking of profile being machined to ensure that successive operations do not affect steps already executed by the program

  • Panel origin change facility to profile angled or curved sides

  • Execution of program lists from the keyboard according to required production lots

  • Work speed adjustment to select the optimum speed according to the material and machining process required

  • Routing hold function to stop machining

  • Single step operation for manual control of individual program steps

  • Multi-Tasking function enabling the programming of the utilization of all NC functions while the machine is running or in emergency state

  • Simulated program execution for last-minute pre-production checks

  • Operator interface in User's language, 10 languages standard

  • Programming in millimeters or inches

  • S/N AL1/001921, year 1998

Working Capacity79 1/8" x 35 7/16"
Vertical Spindles (line drilling)31-1/2"
Horizontal Drills (working range in Y axis)32-1/4"
Grooving Saw (working range in Y axis)40-1/4"
Stroke with router in X axis82 1/8"
Stroke with router in Y axis39-3/4"
Max. stroke of X axis89 7/8"
Max. stroke of Y axis41 1/8"
Max. stroke o Z axis3 7/8"
Wired 400V, 3 PH, 32A
Tool RPM12,000 - 18,000
Maximum router power9 HP (6.6 kw)