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Used miniPelleter 18

Item #: 13577
Brand: miniPelleter
Model: 18
Year Mfg: 2018

Reg Price: $22,995.00

Our Price: $22,995.00


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Used miniPelleter 18.
Serial number: A30.
The Pellet Mill.
The miniPelleter 18 is a semiindustrial
pellet mill designed for efficient production
of high quality biomass pellets, animal
feeds and other raw materials or mixtures
of materials.
Softwood: 400-500 lbs/h
Hardwood: 290-350 lbs/h
Straw, hay: 310-360 lbs/h
Poultry feed: 800-900 lbs/h
Pig feed: 500-700 lbs/h
Cattle feed: 300-400 lbs/h
Fish feed: 700-900 lbs/h
Power: 25HP
Weight: 585 kg
Industrial geared motor
• Spares readily & quickly available from
your localSupplier,
• fast Return On Investment,
• very easy to use,
• low maintenance costs,
• full equipment at basic price,
• easy integration with existing pelleting
• Long Life Heavy Duty design,
• easy to expand with other machines from
the miniX line.