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MB Robatech 1300 Rotational Brush Sanding Machine

Item #: Robatech 1300
Brand: MB Maschinenbau
Model: Robatech 1300
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $134,500.00

Our Price: $134,500.00


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Consisting of:
1pc: Stable Floor-Mounted Frame for mounting the sanding unit in encapsulated version.
1 pc: Vacuum Transport Conveyor Belt
1300 mm (51”) working width. 
1.5kW drive power. 
Infinitely adjustable feed 3.5 – 12 m/min (11.5-36 ft/min).
Vacuum blower 5.5kW.
1 pc: Cleaning Brush for cleaning the vacuum conveyor belt. 
1 pc: Rotational Brush Belt Sanding Unit consisting of:
Plug-in receptacles system for equipping with pc174 sanding segments. 
Working Width 1300 mm (51”).
Drive Power 5.5 kW.
Sanding speed 30-140 m/min infinitely variable. 
Motorized height adjustment for brush belt sanding unit. 
Height adjustment range programmable from 0 to 80 mm (3”) by machine control. 
Three keyway angles available: -20° / 0° / +20° to be confirmed before order. 
Extraction hood diameter: 160-140-140 mm.
Programmable control for different sanding procedures:
a) Oscillation with free selectable oscillation angles between 10° to 45° for opposed sanding against feed direction.
b) 360° rotation of the main sanding belt with automized adjustment to the feed speed. 
c) Belt sanding function for opposed sanding against the feed direction. 
1 pc: Brush set for all Roba Tech aggregates, grain and aperture to customers’ requirements. 
1 pc: Line Controller MB Standard
1) Input of external emergency shutdown interlinking.
2) Input of analog feed speed signal 0-10V.
3) Input of feed interruption for downstream machines. 
4) Output of emergency shutdown interlinking. 
5) Output of feed release for upstream machines
6) Ready for line operation output signal. 
Machine Weight: 3.0 t. 
Machine length: 152”.
Machine Width: 101.97”.
Machine Height: 80”.
Working Height: 33.5” – 35.5”.
Working Width: 51.18”.
Power Consumption: 14KW. 
Full Load Amps: 40A.
Operational voltage for UL/CSA: 480Y/277V AC60hz.
Control voltage: 24V/DC.
Electrical Components: The electrical equipment of cabinet components will be done according to UL/CSA/CUS standards. All electrical devices of the plant are UL/CSA/CUS approved. The high standards used for manufacturing the plant will comply with CE standards. Delivery will be done with normal EU normed wiring diagrams. Permissible main types: All TT systems, TN systems or systems grounded start point without additional measures is permitted. Operating IT systems is not allowed and will destroy electrical components. There is no UL/CSA/CUS certification sticker provided with the machine.
Operator Side: in feed direction on the left side. 
Extraction Capacity: 4510 cfm. 
Suction hood (2x160 mm) 6.3” Split belt module. 
Suction hood (2x140 mm) 5.51” Cross belt module
Suction hood (1 x 125 mm) 4.92” Rest air from vacuum transport.
Machine Color: RAL7035
Safety Hood Color: RAL5018