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J.A. Dawley 6 ft 6 in R or L Standard GlideStop Package

Item #: GS2-108-6.5-R,L-JAD
Brand: J.A. Dawley
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $497.00

Our Price: $497.00


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  1. J.A. Dawley 6 ft 6 in R or L Standard GlideStop Package Includes: 1 - GlideStop, 20 - Indexes, 1 - Standard length fo GS2 GlideStop fence, 1 - 12 ft Adhesive backed measuring tape (Specify; R=Tape reads left to right, L=Tape reads right to left 

If you are looking to increase your shop’s productivity at a reasonable price, you should consider the J.A. Dawley digital measuring system. Are you looking to increase production consistency, and reduce waste? Are you looking for a way to improve shop efficiency? Would you like to accomplish this at a reasonable cost? If you answered yes, you should consider J.A. Dawley. Your potential for increased profits starts here.

The Indexing GlideStop’s Patented System gives your operator the ability to place the stop efficiently and accurately returning it to any preset position. The operator sets the  Index to any standard length, which can be as close as 9/16″ apart.The GlideStop is designed to secure to the fence anywhere without regard to the index placement. The Dawley Index can be installed economically and efficiently in a matter of seconds.

The index is designed to be placed in standard cut lengths. When cutting a  standard piece of material, the operator can easily move the stop to the proper index and tighten securely to complete the setup. Using the Dawley process, the shop staff can achieve little to no variation for each unit of a production run.  

To pre-position the stop, loosen the handle and squeeze the contact arm to bypass the indexes. When the operator reaches the index required, release the contact arm and slide the stop against the index. Multiple setups for the same machine are possible using the “interchangeable-package”.

 The specialized fence system can increase the efficiency of your operators by increasing the versatility of your equipment. Quickly you can change your setup and begin processing the next part. This system is best suited for spaced dadoes, spaced boring, mortising and other applications where some cut points or holes are required.



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