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Kreg Framing Table

Item #: KFT4X8
Brand: Kreg
Model: KFT4X8 Clamp
Year Mfg:

Reg Price: $4,999.99

Our Price: $4,999.99


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Kreg Framing Table

The Kreg Framing Table is unlike ordinary framing tables. This equipment is developed to allow effortlessness and fast assembly of frames. Its four clamping cylinders ensures that each panel is firmly secured onto the table. The cylinders can also be individually controlled. In fact, there is a master switch to activate each one of them. If you experience back pain using an ordinary table, you will love the Kreg Framing Table. It is positioned at a 30 degree angle so you don't have to strain your back ever again. The angled construction of the Kreg Framing Table also saves floor space.

  • Equipped with a heavy duty squaring fence which can be easily retracted to accommodate longer frames.

  • It has four clamping cylinders which you can independently activate and control.

  • The cylinders provides the most powerful clamping pressure to firmly hold down the frames. Its arm operates in a smooth and fast glides due to the roller bearings.

Table Dimensions76” H x 110” W x 30” D
Angle30 Degrees from vertical
Weight350 lbs.
Work Surface4’x8’ melamine, 1-1/8” thick
ClampingFour high-quality clamping cylinders

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