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Northfield 7H Planer

Item #: 7H
Brand: Northfield
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Northfield Model 7H Planer

A precision built machine manufactured from an exacting design utilizing ideas and components to provide the user with a machine to meet the most demanding and varied needs of today's production and vocational woodworking. 

A  carefully engineered feed mechanism offers speeds from 20 to 100 lineal feet per minute with built-in overload protection. A positive gear drive produces uniform power to all rolls. A safety overload clutch is provided on the drive shaft to prevent damage to the drive system. A convenient feed speed ad1ustment and indicator are provided to simplify machine operation This type of drive virtually eliminates feed works related dubbing problems. The feed is also reversible by means of a drum switch, allowing the operator to BACK OUT stock once it has been fed into the machine. 

Direct Motor or Vee-belt Drive
The feed mechanism is driven by a 2 HP totally enclosed fan-cooled motor. This machine is available in either a Direct Motor or Vee-belt drive with 5, 7-1/2, 10, 15, 20and 25 HPTEFC motors. Direct motor drives and Vee-belt drives operate at 3600 RPM or to the customer's order. Model shown is arranged for Vee-belt drive.  A 2 or 3 HP feed motor is also available

These  machines are designed to plane material 25" wide and from 1/16" to 8-3/4" in thickness. The cutterhead design allows a maximum cut of 1/2". Butted pieces as short as 4" and single pieces 12" may be planed. 

The heavy one-piece table accurately carries all table  parts for precision planing and is easily adjustable by a conveniently located hand wheel. 
Cylinder5 in cutting circle, 4 knife, high carbon steel, micrometer-type knife raising screws
Knife Size 5/32 in x 1-1/4 in x 25 in high speed steel
DriveDirect Motor or Vee-belt
BrakeConveniently located hand brake
MotorsCUTTERHEAD: 5, 7-1/2, 10, 15, 20 or 25 HP totally enclosed, fan cooled. FEED: 1-1/2 HP totally enclosed, fan cooled.
Voltage208 - 220/440, 550 volt 60 cycle, 3 phase standard
RPM DIRECT MOTOR DRIVE: 3600 VEE-BELT: 3600 (or to customer's specifications)
Lower Feed Rolls 4 in solid steel, power driven, sealed-for-life bearings
Upper Feed Rolls INFEED: 4 in diameter, 2 in milled ductile iron sections, 5/16 in section yield, 3/4 in roll yield, sealed-for-life ball bearings. OUTFEED: 4 in solid steel, power driven, sealed-for-life ball bearings
Table Feed Roller Adjustment Single hand lever .001 in to .075 in
Feed Speed20 to 100 lineal feet per minute (higher or lower available in same ratio)
Chipbreaker Ductile iron, 2 in sections, concentric with head
Pressure Bar easily adjustable with micrometer type screws
Maximum Stock Width25 in Straight Knife 24 in Helical Head
Shortest Butted Piece 4 in
Shortest Single Piece 12 in
Maximum Stock Thickness 8-3/4 in
Minimum Stock Thickness 1/16 in
Maximum Depth of Cut1/2 in
Controls Double magnetic switch, single pushbutton, reversing switch on feed mechanism
Floor Space60 in x 50 in
BaseLarge box-type, three point mounted